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Deliver Me from Evil

Deliver Me from Evil - Kathi Macias Kathi Macias doesn't sugarcoat a difficult subject. Deliver Me from Evil is a well-researched story about child sex trafficking in the U. S. and abroad. Though this is a Christian novel, it is somewhat graphic in its portrayal of the pandemic of human trafficking that has become so profitable even arms sellers, drug cartels, and other organized criminal organizations are incorporating sex trafficking into their operations. I would recommend this story to late teens and older readers, but to early teens only with adult guidance.
Their are actually two parallel stories which obviously are meant to be tied together in a later book in the series. But to me, jumping between the two story threads was somewhat distracting. I wanted all of one or the other. For this reason I would give the story 4.5 stars if that were possible. But it isn't, so I'll give it 5 stars.