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Heaven's Prey (Redemption's Edge, #1)

Heaven's Prey (Redemption's Edge, #1) - Janet Sketchley A gripping suspense story that peers into the heart of God

Beware! There are possible spoilers in this review.
Janet Sketchley has written a well-researched and well-written suspense novel, emphatically Christian in content and message. The message is that God’s desire for justice is balanced by His grace and mercy such that no person is beyond redemption. Sometimes God’s people reject this aspect of His heart. Forgetting how much He has forgiven them, they often judge others as being beyond redemption, but not Ruth, the heroine of the story. If anyone thinks the story of Harry Silver goes beyond the bounds of believability, I must say that I know of a case where someone even more depraved than Harry was redeemed. Is God’s justice satisfied in such cases? Yes, more than satisfied … at the cross.