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Trinity: Military War Dog

Trinity: Military War Dog - Ronie Kendig A super story if you like gritty military stories but prefer the clean variety.

There’s a lot packed into this high-action thriller, including some romance, and it comes at you rapid fire. I recommend that you read the glossary and keep it handy until you’re familiar with the acronyms. The story is much more enjoyable if you don't have to stop to figure out which acronym refers to what. Also, read the prologue and remember what you read. The plot twists and turns will make more sense if you do this. If you’re looking for a lazy, put-your-brain-in-idle, read, this book is not for you.

Rather than recap the story, something you can get from other reviews, or from the blurb, let me just say that you’ll get a feel for the semi-organized chaos we call war, and you’ll get it highly Afghan flavored. Intensity is everywhere -- in the action, the characters’ emotions, and in the high-stakes plot. On top of all that, Ronie captured the incredible bonding between the hero, Heath, and his dog, Trinity.

This is one of the most enjoyable reads I have experienced in a few years. I read too late into the night and lost some of my days to this story. I’ve heard the series gets even better. Right now, I’m not sure how, but I plan to find out.